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Create Your Own Website for Free Using a One Stop Shop Free Website Hosting Provider

Come on, it’s easy once you get started.  Don’t worry, you won’t break the Internet.

create your own website for free

OK, so when you asked how can you create your own website for free, in the back of your mind you had to be thinking there is no such thing as a free lunch right?  The website hosting companies listed in this section do give you the ability to host your website for free.

We will be outlining the ways these companies go about making this free website creating service free so you can learn how to make your own blog.

Using Hosting Provider Domain: On of the most popular ways the free websites work is to host your website on their domain.   In other words, if you wanted your website domain to be on their website your URL would be greatdeals.wix.xom or  If you are willing to live with having the hosting provider domain name appended to your website name then this may work for you.

Free Hosting and Website Creation with Ads: This model look promising if you are still looking for how to create your own website for free and are willing to put up with hosting provider Ads on your website.  Again for some websites this may be OK and you may not mind having to deal with ads since the price is right. The good thing is that most of these free providers offer premium services if your site starts to mature and needs more horsepower.  All of these free hosting providers offer a free website builder.

You can have your your free website up in just 30 minutes by selecting one of the providers on the right hand side.  What are you waiting for.  Don’t worry you can’t break anything by trying it out.

If you decide you want to own your own domain name and not have to deal with ads keep reading below.  We will teach you more about how to make your own blog.


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Create your own website for free with these companies:

The Easiest Way to Create a Website.

Basic Steps to Get Your New Website Up and Running With Your Own Domain

Choose a Domain Name

Select the domain name for your website (!  This is what people will type to get directly to your website.

Select a Hosting Service

This is where the content of your website will reside.

Install Website Software

Install the software that will create your own website for free with a free website builder.

Add Content to Your Website

Start writing great and unique content that people will be interested in so people will visit your website.


So, how do I get a domain name for my free website you ask?  In this section you will see a list of domain name registrars who can help you determine if the domain name you want to use for your “free” website is available. These domain name services are where you claim ownership of your domain name for your website.  There is usually a small annual fee to register, but shop around because they are usually very competitive, especially for new customers. You will also find that some of the hosting providers will provide one free domain name for signing up for the first year of service.  You will also find that some domain name services offer hosting for a fee (but usually offer less options). To get the best value I have always registered my domain through a domain name service and then transferred that domain name to the hosting provider.

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If you want to host your own web site the companies on the right offer reliable and competitive hosting services

If you completed step 1 above.  Your next step is to select a hosting provider.  A hosting provider is where your actual “free” website code and website content will be placed.  It is also where your newly registered domain name will reside.

Hosting is also very competitive and in some cases as mentioned above you will find that web hosting companies will give you one free domain name if you sign up for a year of hosting services. The hosting provider is also where you will be installing your “free” website code.  We will talk about that in the next section.

Blue host offers a unique friendly setup service, if you feel like you need additional help getting started.

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